A logo is a symbol made using text and images that can successfully help people identify a business. A good logo depicts what a company does and what its brand values are. On the other hand,?the purpose of a logo?can and must be more than a representation of identity. If designed well, it tells a firm’s story by conveying its brand message in such a fashion that helps to establish an emotional connection with their target audience.

What is the Purpose of Logo

Your Logo Must Identify Your Business, Not Describe It

The business logo must be identified and differentiated. A small business logo aims to get individuals to think about your business when they see it. When your clients and potential customers see your logo, they must associate it with you and your business. The people must be reminded of the products and services that you are offering to them. They should reflect on how they feel when they interact with your products and with you if you’re marketing your services. Preferably, the customers should feel and think whatever you want them to explore and reflect upon about you and your business.

Your Logo Should Help Individuals Remember You and Your Business

This is the reason why numerous logos are a mixture of a distinct image or mark and the name of the company. Many businesses have been advertising and marketing for so long that now people don’t necessarily need to look or browse through the website of the business, for example, companies like Target, Apple, Nike, and Shell, to name a few.??On the other hand, for small businesses, this process can take a lot of time, so it is always a good step to include your business name with your business logo symbol to help jog your potential customers? memory.

Your Logo Should Distinguish Your Business from Other Businesses

This is one of the essential functions you need to keep in your mind while designing your logo and this function helps make a good logo.? The logo designer must do each and everything thing she or he can do to produce a logo for you that does not look like other logos in your industry and is unique.

Your Logo Ought to Be Simple & Memorable

Your logo competes with millions of other logos containing many diverse images for your audience’s attention, so you have got to grab every second and make an influence so impactful that customers can’t ignore your logo. Your logo must be simple yet pleasing to the eye because if your logo is very haphazard and congested, the people will get confused, and their interest level might fall. This would lead to people not interested in exploring your website or business further. Your logo must be simple so that individuals can comprehend the logo and are also interested in exploring your business.

Your Logo Should Be Timeless

Functional and eye-catching logos are not always easy on the pocket, and such logos should not be cheap. They are one of the most essential resources of your business, and logos are worth investing in. Logo design is one part where you almost certainly get the results for what you pay for. A qualified logo designer in Atlanta like Pop Web & Print will use best and unique logo design practices to make sure your logo fulfills your business needs for a long time.

Most importantly, a professional and skilled logo designer will design a logo for you and your business that appeals to your audience and communicates with them about what you want without you depending on trends. Trends are short-term and get quickly replaced by the next big trend that comes. By the time maximum trends have run their course, everyone is using these trends, thus standing out or being different is no longer an option. You and your designer must focus and put all your energy on capturing the best and most exceptional qualities of your business in the best suitable and effective manner imaginable and not on the latest and popular logo design trend present at that time.

Your Logo Has to Be Flexible

This is yet another reason why your logo must be simple. Simplicity supports scalability to both minimal and very large dimensions. Incredibly multifaceted logos often lose their details when they are made very small. Your logo needs to function on your website, marketing, advertising, brochures, signage, and more. At times it needs to work in a vertical space; now and again, it might be placed in a horizontal space as well. You might even have to distinct the typeset business name and mark to make it work in numerous applications. Keeping it simple and easy will make that considerably stress-free.

Your Logo Must Balance Your Tagline

A simple rule you can follow to confirm that your logo makes sense is always to keep your tagline shorter than your business name. This is why it is suggested that your slogan should be no more than 25 to 30 characters. Moreover, if you are using a thicker font for your name, it is best to use a thinner or basic font for your tagline. You can read this guide for further guidance on this.


Your logo must be explicitly designed to serve its purpose, which is to represent your business even when you are not available to the market. The logo must portray a statement about what your company stands for. Still, at the same time, it should be simple, memorable, and distinct as possible. Logo plays a huge part in influencing how your customers think and feel about your business and whether they want to purchase from you, so you must take your logo designing very seriously and invest enough to make a good logo.


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